Profile – Mike Davies

352 Squad. 1953-56 – Egypt and British Army of the Rhine

Mike DAVIES – by Mike

1953 saw me signing on in the RMP – 352 squad – for 3 years. First BAOR, Osnabruck &  Bunde (GD’s) then to El Kirsh, Canal Zone to become a dog handler and on making corporal ran the detachment at Abu Sultan before demob in 1956. Joined the civilian police, becoming Warwickshire’s specialist in the scientific investigation and reconstruction of road accidents. With 24 years under my belt I suffered a cerebral haemmorhage which left me partially blind etc. which consequently led to a medical discharge from the force in 1980. Fortunately at this time I enjoyed an international reputation in the field of accident investigation after a few very high profile cases, so I was sought for conultancy work by the legal and insurance professions and the media before I realised in 1992 technology was fast leaving me behind and I was becoming ‘yesterdays man’ so I called it a day and retired at 57 years. I joined the Birmingham Central Branch of the RMPA in 1994 when it was launched by ‘Jock’ Oliver.