The following branch members have provided written profiles and photographs. Follow the links on this page to read each profile. Other members are encouraged to add their own profiles too.

Mike Clark Chairman

Mike 2 (2)

Enlisted 15th March 1966
RMPTC Squad 85 – De 66 Volunteered for Aden but to young.
Cyrenaica Area Pro Coy – Feb 68 He was one of the last three NCO’s (together with John Allen and Mal Scott) to leave Benghazi with 21 Army War Dogs by LST to Malta.
London District Pro Coy – Dec 68
Medical Discharge Dec 68
Re-Enlisted 5 Jun 73 and completed service in the following locations.
RMPTC Squad 7304
102 Pro Coy RMP – Rheindahlen
180 Pro Coy RMP – Belfast NI
RMPTC . Assistant  Squad Instructor
176 Pro Coy RMP – Londonderry NI on promotion to Sgt
101 Pro Coy RMP – Dusseldorf (inc 3 MP Coy RAMP, Australia )
RMPTC – NCO I/C Environmental Testing
110 Pro Coy RMP – Senelager on promotion to SSgt
247 Pro Coy – Berlin
RMPTC NCO I/C Admin/Discharge Sec
110 Pro Coy RMP – Werl on promotion to WO2 Detachment Comd
150 Pro Coy RMP – Catterick
Discharge Sep 93.


Bill Daniels ( Vice Chairman)

IMG_2305 (2) Bill DanielsSeptember 1974 joined the Queens Own Hussars. After basic training in Catterick Garrison he was posted to the Regiment in Bovington. Transferred to RMP in September 1976) and served in the following post’s:

179 Pro Coy Northern Ireland
175 Pro Coy Northern Ireland
227 Pro Coy Cyprus
111 Pro Coy Fallingbostel Det Germany
158 Pro Coy Bulford
RMP Gibraltar
RMPTC  CVHQ Chichester
110 Pro Coy Lippstadt Police Post Germany
176 Pro Coy Londonderry Northern Ireland
Break in service from January 1990 – September 1990
RMPTC CVHQ Chichester
Retired on redundancy May 1993 from CVHQ.


Steve Lee ( Standard Bearer)

steve 1 (2)

He commenced his military service in 1982 by having a short spell with 2 Mercian (local TA unit) before joining RMP in September 1983. He was in squad 8308A ( squad photo).

His first posting was 101 Pro Co y which covered Dusseldorf and JHQ Rheindahlen. He also completed a six month attachment to S.I.B. He married Lorna in July 1984.

1986-1988 he was posted  to 176 Pro Coy RMP in Londonderry where his son Graham was born . He then completed his service whilst serving in Donnington Det 158 Pro Coy RMP.


Droitwich: 458 Squad. 1954-63 – Malaya, France, Cyprus and U.K.

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Nuneaton: 352 Squad. 1953-56 – Egypt and British Army of the Rhine

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GRIFFIN, Derrick
Walmley: 322 Squad. 1952-58 – 618 SMPS Kenya and U.K.

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Telford: 599 Squad. 48 Gurkha Div – Hong Kong

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Malcolm Smith
SMITH, Malcolm
Halesowen: 790 Squad. 1960-62 – Berlin and Wuppertal

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STEELE, Reverend Charles (Deceased 16-Mar-2015)
Kings Norton: 1942-47 Europe and India

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Sutton Coldfield: 608 Squad. 1956-58 – Germany

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