Profile – Trevor Bassett


Enlisted 17 07 1971

RMPTC Chichester Squad 7105

Postings in order:

1(BR) Corps Pro Coy RMP Bielefeld BAOR: Renamed 113 Pro Coy RMP whilst in post.
180 Pro Coy RMP NI. In support of RUC at Willowfield and York Road Police Stations.
LonDist Pro Coy RMP
247 Berlin Pro Coy RMP
112 Pro Coy RMP Osnabruck BAOR
160 Pro Coy RMP Aldershot
116 Pro Coy RMP(V) Coventry Det as PSI
175 Pro Coy RMP NI Pointer at Springfield Road Belfast until its disbandment.
113 Pro Coy RMP Sennelager BAOR
110 Pro Coy RMP Werl BAOR
253 Pro Coy RMP(V) Brixton South London SPSI until termination of regular service,
253 Pro Coy RMP(V) Brixton NRPS CQMS until 2014 on termination of 42 years service.