Profile – Bill Daniels

Vice Chairman

September 1974 joined the Queens Own Hussars. After basic training in Catterick Garrison he was posted to the Regiment in Bovington. Transferred to RMP in September 1976) and served in the following post’s:

179 Pro Coy Northern Ireland
175 Pro Coy Northern Ireland
227 Pro Coy Cyprus
111 Pro Coy Fallingbostel Det Germany
158 Pro Coy Bulford
RMP Gibraltar
RMPTC  CVHQ Chichester
110 Pro Coy Lippstadt Police Post Germany
176 Pro Coy Londonderry Northern Ireland
Break in service from January 1990 – September 1990
RMPTC CVHQ Chichester
Retired on redundancy May 1993 from CVHQ.