Profile – Tony Bowdler

UK – Far East – France – Middle East – 1954 to 1963

Chairman of RMPA Birmingham Central Branch since formation in 1994. Tony was born in Kempsey, Worcestershire, the son of the then CSM 1st Battalion Worcestershire Regiment. After living in various parts of England the family settled in Birmingham.

After his interview with RMP Shrewsbury, Tony joined RMP Inkerman, Woking –  458 Squad as a regular direct enlistment in July 1954.


Tony Bowdler

In January 1955 he joined 3 Inf Div. Pro Coy at Cavalry Barracks, Colchester.  Much of his time until July 1955 was spent on exercise in Thetford  PTA or foot patrol in Bury St Edmunds and Clacton on Sea. He spent a few weeks on detachment with London District Pro Coy helping with duties during the rail strike.

August 1955 and off by plane to Singapore via Rome, Nicosia, Bahrain, Karachi, New Delhi, Calcutta and Bangkok.  (The Plane suffered several engine failures and was eventually decommissioned in Singapore).

Tony joined Malaya Command Pro Coy in Kuala Lumpur for a few months before moving to the Island of Penang and Malaya for three years. In Penang he joined the newly formed 28 Comwel Bde Gp Pro Unit and served with Australian and New Zealand Provost. Whilst in Malaya he was on detachment in Taiping, Ipoh, and Cameron Islands.

In August 1958 Tony joined London District Pro Coy where after a few weeks he was posted to Fontainebleau, France with ALFCE Pro Coy.  Now carrying out combined duties with American Military Police and French Gendarmes for two years.

Tony_Bowdler_1958Tony’s final posting in December 1960 was Cyprus. Firstly with 3 Inf Bde Pro Unit, Anzio Camp, Dhekelia.  Secondly (after 3Bde disbanded) Cyprus District Pro Coy, Cambria Camp, Dhekelia. Much time was spent on exercise in Cyprus and Libya.

Tony was demobbed in July 1963. Married Elaine in October 1963. He has two children, a son in business in Yorkshire and a daughter teaching in West Sussex. He has two grandchildren.

Since leaving RMP Tony has been Area Manager in Security and Distribution Industry and Waste Management. Tony and Elaine now retired and live in Droitwich, Worcestershire.

Tony can be contacted at