Welcome to our website

Our presence on the Internet was first made possible by the late David Prince, who created the original website for the benefit of his friends and colleagues of the Royal Military Police Association Birmingham Central Branch. Although this site has been completely redesigned to keep pace with changes in technology, it remains a lasting tribute to David and his family.

The late John (Jock) Oliver formed the Branch in 1994.  Jock had been a member of the Birmingham Midlands RMPA and felt that there was room for another branch in the City.

The first meeting was on the 16th March 1994 at the Birmingham United Services Club, Gough Street, Birmingham,  when eight  RMPA members responded to an advert put in the local press.  Membership is now one hundred and growing.

Our members have served in World War II and most parts of the world where emergencies have occurred since 1945 namely Cyprus, Kenya, Korea, Malaya, Suez, Northern Ireland, Falkland Islands and Iraq.

On average we have 40 members who regularly attend the meetings, which are held on the first Saturday of each month. The numbers usually increase at the Annual General Meeting normally held in April and at the Christmas Lunch held each December.

Whoever you are and wherever you are from we welcome you to our website. New members are welcome from serving or ex serving members of the Corps. Former soldiers who were attached to an RMP Unit are also welcome and can become Honorary Members. We usually meet on the first Saturday of each month at 13:00 hours.